Fluid mask 3/3/14 wwe raw

images fluid mask 3/3/14 wwe raw

It ended up keeping the Chicago fans waiting around for Punk to return, despite what Heyman said, a move that feels like WWE was either holding up its middle finger to Chicago or trying to prove that Punk shouldn't be cheered. I swear, that title is a curse. This was short but inoffensive 1. Cena feud is assured great verbal confrontations, and this was not one of them. The Real Americans' split is coming for sure, but delaying it some builds suspense. Seth takes out both Erick Rowan and Harper with ridiculous flips to the outside, earning the crowd's approval. Wyatt slammed Ambrose down; Harper put his feet on his throat. Bray Wyatt comes in for the first time and slams Ambrose, trapping him in the heel corner. To do it before the match could do much entertaining which leads to a deflating feeling for the audience. A pair of running dropkicks in the corner connect, but Batista takes a powder.

  • Raw March 3, WWE

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    Full results, photos and videos for the March 3,episode of Raw. WWE Monday Night RAW Results for 3/3/14 featuring Daniel Bryan taking on Batista in the main event.

    images fluid mask 3/3/14 wwe raw

    Armageddon is certainly sure to reign, as we are live from Chicago, Ill., with a crowd that actually organized to take over the show. CM Punk's.
    What good does it do to make Christian look that incompetent?

    images fluid mask 3/3/14 wwe raw

    Daniel Bryan addressed the audience from in the ring. Big E takes him down and looks for the splash, but Cesaro dumps him. Fandango finally began the match in earnest, hitting Santino with a right hand.

    Batista lays Bryan out with a Batista Bomb, and that allows Hunter to hit a Pedigree, because heels laying out Daniel Bryan has never been seen before. Rollins launched himself at Bray Wyatt's whole clan, but Harper soon hurled him into the security barricade. Fans know better, though, and this is all the slow, mostly one-sided buildup to what should be an unforgettable climax at WrestleMania.

    images fluid mask 3/3/14 wwe raw
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    Before the match, Batista spoke with Renee Young backstage.

    This Chicago crowd is losing my faith more and more each moment. They always felt like lame-duck champions because of their age. Rowan shakes off the Greco Roman Beard Lock and hits a sideslam, but Ambrose catches Harper with a clothesline when he comes in. Sheamus match started.

    A man named “Texas Red” wrestling in a black mask.

    The Best And Worst Of WWF Monday Night Raw 6/24 & 7/1/ Jake The Snake Talks About Psalms The Undertaker may be tall, but he's never been the most fluid, coordinated guy in the ring, and . The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 3/3/ # hijackBestandWorst.

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    Adding some cracks to their alliance, though, makes for compelling TV.

    Still, seeing the likable pair finally achieve this goal was moving. The Usos' crowning moment was expected and came in an average match.

    Raw March 3, WWE

    Aaron Paul joins the commentary team for some reason, while Del Rio hits a flapjack for two. Cena did well to win some of the Chicago fans over by complimenting how loud and vocal they were. Delaying making it official is smart, and one almost starts to believe Triple H that the match will never happen.

    images fluid mask 3/3/14 wwe raw

    images fluid mask 3/3/14 wwe raw
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    Lesnar rips apart the announce table did he hit a fan with one of those monitors?!?

    Backstage, Sheamus spoke with Renee Young.

    Del Rio didn't build on his win against Batista from last week, likely meaning he'll be in the category of Superstars that will struggle to make it on the WrestleMania card. We return with Sheamus heading up top, but Christian shoves him to the floor and he takes a nice bump. The blend of brutality and athleticism, animosity and uncertainty that has been the collisions between these squads is the highlight of the company right now.

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    1. He tries to follow with a plancha, but Sheamus just steps to the side and makes Christian look like a complete idiot.

    2. The Chicago crowd was pretty much pacified early by Brock Lesnar and Dolph Ziggler, leaving the fans too confused to even know whether to boo or cheer when Bryan challenged Triple H to a WrestleMania match. Fandango finally began the match in earnest, hitting Santino with a right hand.